Thursday, April 16, 2015

Studio Closing July 31st

Hello Friends, students, artists, everyone,
I will be closing the studio as of July 31st.  There will be classes held at the studio in May and June and after that, I will be looking to teach in Recreation Centers, my home and maybe in your home. I would love to start teaching in homes. Just like the old Tupperware parties. You supply the refreshments, I'll supply the class.  I would ask you have at least 6 paying guests and the host is free, of course. Come on, who's first?


Stacye Wright said...

I would love to learn Zentangle & would be willing to host a class in my home. Is this still an option?

Brandi Cooper said...

Yes, Stacye. Just tell me the date and time you're thinking about and we'll go from there. Also the place.

robin willroth said...

I live in Arkansas, but - I was thinking that maybe I cud gets few girls& come to Dallas area, for a few days, & I wud love for us to have a class- orf two-
How long does a class last, & hoiw much wud it cost?
We are planning on coming to the area,Nov 5,6,7&8 - for a girls trip, & shopping, & stuff- we haven't gotten our hotels booked yet- but our hubbysare doing a hunting trip,then. - maybe we cud come to a class, one afternoon, or we cud meet at our hotel? Where are you located!? Any ideas?
Plz text me @ 479-651-6516. Lol