Friday, July 5, 2013

On Becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)

I met Sandhya Manne CZT when I joined an art group in my area.  She had just completed the zentangle seminar given by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, originators of the zentangle method, when she was asked by the group to give a workshop on this new and wonderful art form.  I attended the workshop and have been hooked ever since. That was 2 years ago.

Becoming a CZT myself had been out of reach due to the fact I am in Texas and the training takes place in Providence, RI. I had all kinds of excuses: I can't leave work, I don't have the money, it's too far to travel, I don't want to go by myself, etc., etc., etc. But recently, my wishes were granted and I was able to attend CZT 11in June 2013. AND...I traveled with my closest friend and turned the trip into a vacation enhanced by the fact that I am originally from the area. We left 4 days before the seminar and enjoyed traveling around the area.

The seminar was an amazing journey into the world of Rick and Maria.  I met an amazing group of soon to be CZTs. Students had traveled from places such as South Africa, India and Taiwan. (I thought Texas was far away) I can't even give you a glimpse of my excitement when the seminar was over and I could finally say I was a CZT!  WooooHoooo!

 You can better understand what all this excitement is about by visiting the official zentangle website:  Then find a CZT in your area, take a class and begin your tangling journey.

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